Guide to Meghalaya Solo Trip in Budget

Planning for Meghalaya trip in budget? You have reached the correct place, in this post I have shared my experience of how i covered Meghalaya , solo, in budget, keep reading…

Meghalaya is among the most beautiful states in North East part of India. It is blessed with natures beauty and also have very good connectivity.

How to reach Meghalaya?

Meghalaya Solo Trip: Police Bazaar Shillong

Meghalaya is well connected via Air, Train and Road… in a way…

Depending on your budget and inclination, you can reach Meghalaya using any of the means.

Meghalaya by Air

Even though there is a domestic airport at Shillong, there are limited flights operating for this destination. The best way will be to reach Guwahati airport and from there get a cab.

Meghalay by Train

Meghalaya is not yet connected by train, so you will have to reach Guwahati station (Paltan bazaar station) and from there reach Shillong by bus or cab.

Meghalaya by Road

Meghalaya is well connected by road and there are Government bus as well as private and sharing cab service from Guwahati (Paltan bazaar) to Shillong.

The bus from Paltan bazaar bus stop starts morning 8am and its croweded. You need to pre book you seat else it may be difficult to get a seat.

The cost of bus from Guwahati to Shillong is around Rs.180/- one way.

Due to limited bus connectivity, the sharing cab service is thriving around Paltan bazaar. You will find people calling out for Shillong passenbers.

Sharing cab will take Rs.500/- till shillong but beware that untill the cab is full, they will not start.

If you are 4 travelers, better hire a small car, you can bargain it for Rs.2000-2500/- for one way.

The cab will drop you at Police bazaar, this is the most happening place in Shillong city.

Budget stay in Shillong

You can stay in travelers stay in Shillong but I found hostel cost to be bit higher side so if you are in a group, better bargain a room around Police bazaar.

There are fre Dharmshala and Gurudwara as well near Police bazaar, you can give it a try. I myself stayed in Gurudwara near Jail road as the Gurudwara in Police Bazaar was full.

Meghalays sightseeing in budget

The cheapest way for sightseeing in Meghalaya is to use Meghalay Tourist Departments Bus. There office has now shifted to Jail road from Police bazaar.

MeghalayaTourismOffice Shillong Jail road

Make sure to reach out to the tourist department one day in advance and check if the bus service is available for the next day. Usually during non peak season, they cancel the bus and try to accomodate passengers in sumo, extra charges apply.

They have following trips. it starts around 8am from tourist office:

  1. Cherrapunji Trip (Sohra): Rs.500/- per person
  2. Local Sightseeing: Rs.400/- per person
  3. Dawki river: Rs.700/- per person

The image below shows all the available trips in Meghalaya Tourism Office.

Meghalaya tourist places and price list

Places to eat in Shillong

You will find enough Non veg food avaialbe in Shillong. There is a street selling only food near Police bazaar, there you will find Chowmin, momos, and some rice items as well.

You can also go for Dominos.


Where is Meghalaya Tourism Office in Shillong?

Meghalaya tourism office address

Meghalaya tourism office shifted from Police bazaar to Jail road, near Kohinoor hotel.


Meghalaya is a beautiful place to visit. In case you want to explore thoroughly, better hire a cab from Guwahati for the whole trip else cabs in Shillong are bit costly else go with Meghalaya tourist office spots and cover the whole area in 4-5 days.

The tour is good, only thing is they will rush you through the spots as they have to return back by 8pm.

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