Budget trip to Srisailam Mallaikarjuna Temple[2024]

Solo trip to Srisailam Temple

Looking for a solo trip to visit Srisailam Mallaikarjuna temple? I recently visited the holy place and in this post I have shared details of how to reach Srisailam, where to stay and other activities to do in Srisailam apart from the Jyotirling darshan. Keep reading…

How to reach srisailam?

You need to arrive at Hyderabad from your city. Hyderabad is the biggest city from where lots of devotees travel to Srisailam.

Train is the cheapest way to travel till Hyderabad (any station).

Once you reach Hyderabad, take an auto/metro/bus till MG Bus Station. It is one of the biggest Bus depot in Hyderabad from where bus starts for many locations.

Note: In Hyderabad, Rapido is more popular and cheaper than Ola Uber, so better download it before hand.

From MG Bus depot, you will find good frequency of Government bus (almost every 30min), leaving for Srisailam.

hyderabad to srisailam bus

From MG Bus Depot, the bus ticket is Rs.500 in TSRTC bus. The bus frequency is pretty good (approx 30min – 1hr).

The bus seat is very comfortable (though some seats were broken and not reclining).

The bus takes one stop for washroom break near a hotel. You can grab some tasty south indian snacks from there.

In approx. 6hrs you will reach Srisailam, the bus will drop you at the main circle. The Srisailam trust office is nearby the stop.

Where to stay in srisailam in budget?

Srisailam trust provides dormatory beds for Rs.300 for 12hrs. The dormatory is pretty close to the temple.

Here you will get shared toiles. Do note that AC is switched on only during the night here.

In case you need a locker for your stuff, you can get it by paying Rs.50/-

In case you are a group, better book a room.

Food in srisailam

Srisailam being a religious place, you will not find non veg food here. The local south indina cusins include Dosa, Uttapa, Bonda, Vada, Rice, Dal, Parotha etc.

The cost of food is at the lower side itself.

You can also enjoy free prasadam at the temple. Here you will be served with Rice, Dal, Chatni and curd. One sweet is also included. You will have to stand in a queue for this. I highely recommend you to taset this.

Places to visit in srisailam

The auto driver will approach you to show 5 temples around Srisailam for Rs.150 per person in shared auto. They will take 5-6 passengers for this trip.

You can bargain and get full auto for Rs.500/- if you are a small group otherwise they charge Rs.800 for the trip.

Do’s and Dont’s in srisailam

Do note that for sparhs darshan, males have to wear dhoti. While booking ticket it says kurta pajama also allowed but you will not be allowed sparsh darshan if you are not wearing Dhoti.

For other darshan, you can wear any Indian attair suitable for temple.

Smoking and drinking alcohol is strictly not allowed. If caught smoking, a fine of Rs.5000/- will be imposed by the trust.


Can I do Srisailam darshan and return in one day?

Yes, most of the locals visit Srisailam for one day itself. Make sure you reach early with all the darshan tickets booked in advance. The one way journey takes 6hrs and transport is stopped between 9pm to 6am as road pass through Tiger forest reserve.


Srisailam is a religious place and devotees pour in during Shivratri, shravan and weekends. In case you are not a fan of crowd, better avoid these days.

You can easily do darshan and return to hyderabad in one day else cheap dormatory option is also availavle.

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