Ratnagiri CAMPING: Sunset point- Kaseli

Does the concept of camping excite you? Kaseli village at Ratnagiri has a beautiful sun set point where you can camp on the top of the mountain!!

I camped there with a group from Couchserfing community and it was really a great experience. Keep reading to know details..

Where is Kaseli sun set point?

Kaseli is a village in Ratnagiri, around 14km from Ratnagiri station. This sun set point is further 1km ahead of the village.

How to reach ratnagiri?

Ratnagiri is a costal district in western part of India, in the state of Maharastra. It is well connected by raod and train to the rest of the india.

The nearest airport is Mumbai International airport. You can get down at Pune airport as well.

Ratnagiri by Train

There are multiple trains from Mumbai and Pune till Ratnagiri. All the trains going towards Goa or south india via Maharastra halts at Ratnagiri station.

From Mumbai, the train journey takes around 4-6hrs.

Ratnagiri by road

Ratnagiri is well connected by road. You can drive your own car or bike or take a ST bus to reach Ratnagiri. From Mumbai, the bus journey will take around 11 hrs.

How to reach kaseli sunset point?

To reach Kaseli Sunset point, you can get down at Ratnagiri station. From station, you can either take an auto or if you are a big group, you can get a tempo traveller as well.

The auto will charge you Rs.400/- for each auto for dropping you till the point.

Since we were a group of around 25 people, we arranged for an mini bus that cost us Rs.13,000/- for dropping at the point and sightseeing the next day.

You can even try the ST bus. From Ratnagiri station, there is a bus till main bus depot every 20min. This bus will charge you Rs.20-30/- and from the main bus depot, you can reach Kaseli village by ST bus that will cost you around Rs.70/-

Note: The bus frequency is very less, only once in the morning and once post noon.

Where to pitch tent at kaseli sunset point?

You can connect with the person who have setup a shop at the sunset point. Details in the image below. He will arrange for food, water, snacks and even tent at minimal rates.

Do note that for bathing and toilet, no arrangement is there. You will have to go in jungle and use botteled water for same.

Another option is to use the facility at Temple that is around 1km from the sunset point.

ratnagiri camping kaseli sunset point

There is a plain place where a group camped, you may use it after speaking with the shop owner, he will guide you where to pitch tent.

Kaseli camp Camping at ratnagiri


The beach is accessible but its not safe for swimming, so do not get adventurus. Just enjoy from the shore. There are whole lot of beaches in Ratnagiri to swim.

Kaseli sunset point views

Ratnagiri railway retiring room

Ratnagiri railway station do have a retiring room. To use it, you need to have a valid train ticket. Enquire in the general ticket booking counter to get access to the retiring room.

Places to visit in ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is famous for its clean and safe beach. You can visit GaneshGhule, Ganpati Phule or any other beach. All have clean water.

You will find some arrangements to bath with fresh water as well in most of the beachs, they charge Rs.30/- per person.

There are few forts as well that you may want to visit if you have time.

Food in Ratnagiri

In case you are expecting cheap fish in Ratnagiri, you will be shocked. The fish rates are similar as in Mumbai. You may find few speciality restaurants that offer authentic maharastrian fish.


Is it safe to camp at Kaseli sunset point?

Yes, its safe. The shop owner will guide you in case you are having any difficulties.

Is kaseli sunset point worth it?

Yes, you will thoroughly enjoy the view, the small beach and the sunset.


Its really fun to camp at the top of the cliff. The view is amazing and the whole experience itself is just great.

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