How to travel solo with minimum budget?

Solo traveling is fun but getting started is the biggest hurdel. Once you do your first solo travel, you will get over the fear and will become a pro as you travel more.

For the first timer, the tips in this Guide to Budget Solo Travel tips will be very helpful. These are my personal experience from the solo trip I have done valid for both male and female solo travelers.

Best place for first time solo travelers

The biggest question is which is the best place for first time solo travelers that is both safe and budget friendly.

My parameters for the best place for first timers are:

  1. The palce should not be isolated
  2. There should be good public transport connectivity
  3. Ample options of budget and fancy stay should be available
  4. Nearby restaurants with clean ambience and pocket friendly menu
  5. Place lot of travelers visit

I found all these qualities in Rishikesh. It is a happening place with excellent connectivity, friendly people and a wide variety of activities for all.

How to reach Rishikesh on a budget?

Rishikesh is well connected by roadways. If you wish to arrive via railways or flight, following are the options for you:

Rishikesh by Air

You can either land at Delhi and take a diret bus to Rishikesh or land at Dehradun airport and reach your destination using car/bus.

Rishikesh by train

To reach rishkesh by train, you need to arrive at Haridwar or Dehradun. From there you will have to get a bus till Rishikesh roadways depot.

Rishikesh by road

You can either take a direct bus from Delhi or reach Haridwar. The bus stand is right opposit Haridwar railway station and there is a bus to Rishikesh every hour.

The cheapest option is by train and road.

Where to stay in budget for solo travelers?

The cheapest options of stay for budget travelers is:

  • Railway retiring room: You need to have a valid train ticket (even general class will do). Also, retiring room facility is available at major stations only. It will cost you Rs.150/- for a bed in dormatory.
  • Dharmshalas: Most of the dharmshalas do not allow solo travelers. It will cost you Rs.150/- 200/-for a bed in dormatory or you may even get a room if you are in a group.
  • Hostel: Now a days many hostels like Zostel, TravelStops etc have sprung up. You can get a bed in dorm in Rs.500-600, the vibes are very good in such hostels. This is highely recomemded if the charges are in your budget.

How to travel for local sightseeing on budget?

At tourist places like Rishikesh etc, the auto guys, tea vendors will recognize you immediately as tourists and double the charges. You just can’t avoid it unless you are shure of charges and hand them the exact change without asking for fare.

If there is a Hop On Hop Off service, it will be best for the local sightseeing, other wise getting a bike/scooty on rent will be economical. You can try local bus in case you are not comfortable to ride, but it may waste a lot of time.

Stuff to carry for budget solo travelers

Following are my must carry items while traveling:

  1. A double bed sheet, this will come handy if you stay in dharmshala where sheets may not be very clean.
  2. A lock, this will give you peace of mind when you keep your stuff in locker.
  3. Extra pair of under garments as you may not get time/place to wash your cloths.
  4. Slippers- this will be very useful while using washroom.
  5. Lots of small denomination currency, as electronics payments may not be available at all the places.

Solo travel group

You can join FB travel group BATI (BagPackers & Travelers India). A lot of solo travelers are part of this group and you will get first hand information from the people who have actually been to that place.


Solo travel is fun and challenging, with proper planning and a leap of faith you will find it a journey to remember!

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