Looking for an easy trek during monsoon? Go for Kothaligad, it has the excitement of full trek and is easy to complete.

Its proximity from Mumbai and Pune makes it a popular trek over weekends!!

Need details? Keep reading…

What is Kothaligad?

Kothaligad was a watch tower at the time of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, it was used to keep an eye on the movement of enemy army.

The beauty of this watch tower is it can be approached from one side only, hence giving the watch tower guys full view and control of the approaching army.


Why its called Kothaligad?

Kothali means carved out. The tower is a hollow mountain hence the name Kothaligad.

To reach on the top, you will have to take staircasse carved inside the mountain.

Where is Kothaligad situated?

Kothaligad, also called as Peth Killa, is located at the village named Peth. It is around 1hr drive from Karjat railway station near Mumbai.

You will reach at Abiwadii village. The trek starts from this village.

How to reach Kothaligad?

You can get shared auto from Karjat station. A small auto will charge you around Rs.500/- and drop you at Abiwadi village.

If you are coming by your own vehicle, you can park your vehicle here and start the trek.

The trek is catarozied as easy though you may tire out easily due to the climb in the first half.

The route is pretty straight forward, do not forget to take a lots of pictures as there are some very beautiful spots on the way.

In about 2hrs, you will reach Peath village. From here, the actual climb to the fort starts.

Kothaligad trek difficulty level

Though the trek is simple, its advised to take a local along with you as there has been a few unplesant incidents where trekers took a wrong path and got in trouble.

In case you are a seasoned treker, you ca stick to the visibla trail and use your gut feeling in case of confusion. The rule of thumb here is to take right in case of doubt.

Kothaligad trek view point

Where to stay at Kothaligad?

You can complete this trek in one day but if you want to have a night stay, you can stay in the cave at the top or at Peth village or at Ambiwadi village.

For staying in cave, make sure to carry sleeping bag.

In case you decide to stay at village, you can bargain with the owner and get a bed for Rs.200-300/-

Food options for Kothaligad trek

You can either carry your own food or get it in the village. There are lots of household serving food. The food is made by burning wood (on chulha).

Both veg and non veg food is available cost is between Rs.200-300/- per plate.

You will get all essentials (water, cold drinks, energy drinks) in the village.

Kothaligad trek food options

Best time to visit Kothaligad

Monsoon season is the best for treks in Maharastra. It is recommended to visit a week after rains start, it brings out the best in nature and you will see some waterfalls as well.


Can kids attempt Kothaligad trek?

Yes, the trek is simple. Your descend from the actual fort can be bit tricky, just be careful as staris are huge and at one point you may have to sit to get down.


Kothaligad is a nice and easy monsoon trek. You can complete it in a day or plan for a night stay as well.

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