Vasai Fort One Day Outing

Looking for one day outing in Mumbai that does not involve too much hiking or trekking? Vasai Fort is the place for you, keep reading…

Where is Vasai Fort?

Vasai Fort is located around 10km from the Western Railway local train station named Vasai Road, near Mumbai in Maharastra.

The fort is near sea (khadi), proper seashore is bit farther away from the fort.

Vasai Fort Entrance Gate

How to reach Vasai Fort?

Vasai fort is well connected by train and road. You can arrive at fort easiely by your vechicle or travel by public transport.

Vasai Fort via train

To reach Vasai Fort via train, you will have to take suburban train (local train) in the Western Line. Try to board a Vasai local or you can also board Nallasopara and Virar bound local.

Once you reach Vasai Road local station, proceed towards West. You will find State Transport bus depot adjecent to the station.

Keep walking for 5min till you reach road, from there you will get Vasai Virar Mumcipal Bus or Auto.

The bus number is 112 and its frequency is every 20min. Its last stop is the Vasai fort. It will cost you Rs.20/- per person and will drop you near fort in around 30minutes. The bus is not crowded, you can consider tarveling using bus even with your kid.

While returning, you will get the same bus from the location it dropped you. Do note that the last bus from Fort is at 930PM.

Since its the starting point, you will easily get seat.

Sharing auto will charge you Rs.30-40/- per seat. Time taken is same as that of bus.

Vasai Fort using own vechicle

You can reach Vasai West via Mumbai Ahmedabad highway. From there, you can drive till the fort. There is a small ground where you can park your vechile. Parking is free.

Best time to visit Vasai Fort

The fort is near sea shore, so you weather is moderate and humid. Plan to visit the fort around 4pm during hot season, during winter you can visit early as well.

You can visit the fort even during rains, there will be a lot of greeneary but the stairs may get slippery as well.

Vasai Fort Inside

Vasai Fort Timing

The fort is open, you can visit anytime but better avoid evenings as there may be guys having their own party and drinks.

Vasai Fort Ticket

Entry to vasai fort is free.

How much time can be spent at Vasai Fort?

You can easiely spend 4-5hrs exploring the fort. It has some great photography points. Infact, many visit here for Wedding photo shoots as well.

Come in a group, carry your food and you can have a nice picnic.

Is Vasai for pet friendly?

Yes, you can get your pet in the fort.

Food options in Vasai Fort

There is a small village beside the fort, you will get chips, cold drinks etc. You may also get some snaks but I will advice you to carry your own food and water.


Is Vasai Fort Open today?

Yes, Vasai fort is open, in fact it does not close..ever.


Vasai fort is a nice one day outing option near Mumbai. It has got a good history and connectivity is also very good. I highely recommend you to visit the place.

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