How to reach Chinchoti Waterfall?

Looking for a waterfall that is not croweded on weekends and is near you? Chinchoti waterfall is just the thing you are looking for, keep reading…

Chinchoti Waterfall location

chinchoti  naka entry to chinchoti waterfall

Chinchoti waterfall is around 2hr trek from Chinchoti Naka. The place is mid way between Vasai East and Naigaon East, near Mumbai Maharastra.

Its on the national highway that connects Vasai Virar to Mumbai via Bhayander.

Best time to visit Chinchoti waterfall Naigaon/Vasai?

Monsoon season is the best time to visit Chinchoti waterfall. Since all the waterfalls are formed by rain water, wait for atleast a week of rain before planning to visit Chinchoti waterfall.

How to reach Chinchoti waterfall?

You can reach Chinchoti by train or road. The last mile connectivity is via road and beyond that you will have to trek.

Chinchoti via train

The cheapest way to reach chinchoti is by local train and bus. There are two stations from where you can get bus or sharing auto till Chinchoti Naka.

Chinchoti Naigaon

Reach Naigaon by taking a local train from the Western Line in Mumbai. Get out of station from the East side. As you cross the bridge outside station, take a right. You will find a bus stand, bus frequency is around 30min.

Take the bus till the last stop which is near the Highway, it will cost you Rs.15/-.

From there, you will get sharing auto that will charge you Rs.10-15 and drop you at the Chinchoti Naka.

Note: You can also take a auto from the station, they may charge you around Rs.40-50/ per seat on sharing basis or Rs.100-150/ for full auto.

Chinchoti waterfall from Vasai station

Vasai is the next stop from Naigaon if you are traveling from Dadar side. Once you get down at Vasai, proceed towards West. At the south end of platform 1, there is ST (State transport) Bus depot.

You will find bus to Chinchoti between 6am- 9am from this stop, at a frequency of 1hr. The bus will cost you Rs.15/- per seat and it will drop you at Chinchoti Naka.

You can also take an auto from vasai, East or West. It will cost your around Rs.50-60 per seat or Rs.150-200 for full auto.

Chinchoti via road

chinchoti waterfall landmark to chinchoti-Birsamunda statue

If you are driving your own vehicle, take Mumbai Ahmedabad highway and look for Chinchoti Naka. You can take your vehicle ahead in the village and reach the base from you will have to trek.

Park you vehicle (free parking) and start treking.

Note: Its advisable to ask for directions from the villagers if you are visitng for the first time.

Chinchoti waterfall trek

The trek is pretty simple. You will have to treak on a small hill, the route is pretty straighe. Just follow the route formed by the human movements.

It will take around 2hrs to reach the main water fall. On the way, you will hear water flow, you can also take a small halt and enjoy the river.

Note: Do carry mosquito repellant, there are lots of mosquetos waiting to suck you blood while you are treking!

Food options at Chinchoti Waterfall

I will recommend you carry your shacks and enough water as there is no food availalbe on top. On the way you will find many stalls selling food items, water, cold drinks etc but nothing on the top.

Where to stay at Chinchoti?

Chinchoti waterfall trek is a one day trek but if you want to stay, you will have to book some place at the highway. The village do not have any stay option at the time of writing this blog.


Which station is near to chinchoti waterfall?

Naigaon and Vasai stations are near chinchoti waterfall. The cost of reaching Chinchoti naka is almost same from both the stations.

How long is chinchoti trek?

It will take around 2hrs to reach chinchoti waterfall from village.


Chinchoti waterfall is a good one day trek for Mumbaikars, the cheapest is to travel by public transport like local train, bust, sharing auto.

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