My experience of NorthEast Solo Trip

Are you an experineced solo traveler or a new one planning to cover the seven sisters (North East states of India)? You are at the correct place, In this post I have shared my personal experience of solo trip to North East, keep reading…

My Budget North East Solo Trip Itinary

Here is a quick snapshot of the itinary i followed, details are in the post below:

  1. Arrive at Guwahati airport from Mumbai ( train journey was 45+ hrs and I got a good deal from Rs.4000/- one way while searching on Skyscanner), so it made more sense to save time at the begining of the journey!
  2. Took Airport bus till Paltan Bazar (Guwahati station) that cost me Rs.100/-
  3. Booked generat ticket from Guwahati to Dimapur using UTS app, that cost me Rs.95/-. There was one train that would have dropped me at 2am but it did not take it. The train I took started from Guwahati at 1130pm and reached Dimapur at 530am.
  4. From outside the station, I took a Nagaland State bus to Kohima, it cost me Rs.130/ for delux bus. Take which ever 1st bus you get as Nagaland bus do not have fix time, it starts once it’s full!!
  5. The bus dropped at Kohima ISBT, from there took city bus that cost me Rs.30/-. Sharing cab will cost Rs.50-100/-
  6. Got a one night stay near War cemetry in Traveler’s Inn. It was not in business but the land lady allowed me to stay for 1 night and charged me Rs.500/-
  7. I explored Kohima on foot and enjoyed street food. Pork & rice is staple food there.
  8. Next day took city bus at 7am and reached Kohima ISBT. From there took bus to Dimapur, this time I paid Rs.100/-
  9. Kept my bag at cloak room (Rs.50 for 24hrs) and went out to explore Dimapur on foot, the city is good but weather was warm so decided not to stay there and took a Jan shatabdi train to Guwahati, it cost me around Rs.150/-
  10. There is a travelers stay near Dimapur bus stop or you can stay at AC retiring room/dorm at station.
  11. Reached Guwahati late night, could not find vacant retiring room and the hotel rooms outside were asking Rs.1400/- so spent nicht at AC waiting room. It was croweded as lots of trains were running late. Freshened up in waiting room in the morning.
  12. Kept my bag at cloak room and went out to explore Guwahati on foot.
  13. Visited Umanand temple using government ferry, it cost Rs.20 for return ticket. Private ferry service named “Jal Pari” charge Rs.200 for same service. The two boat boarding points are 10min apart by walk.
  14. In afternoon took train to Agartala that dropped me around 630am. Freshned up in waiting room, paid Rs.30/- for it.
  15. There is no cloak room in Agartala station, so had to carry my bag. Took a sharing auto from road outside station, it cost me Rs.20/- and dropped me at main market.
  16. There was a sudden strike call, so long distance bus services were cancelled. I explored on foot, visited Vijayanta Palace, ISKCON. The weather was warm, so decided to go back to Guwahati.
  17. Got a ticket at extra price as the train cancelled in the morning was re-scheduled for evening.
  18. Reached Guwahati around 9am, went to Paltan bazar and took a sharing cab to Shillong.
  19. The cab dropped me at Shillong Police bazar Gurudwara. The Gurudware was full, so they advised me to approach Jail road Gurudwara. I got a mattress to sleep on for night for Rs.300/-, ofcourese langar food is free for all there.
  20. I kept my bag at Gurudwara, and went out to book my Cherapunji trip for next day. Weather was plesant, walked all the way to Meghalaya Tourist center and was lucky to get last seat for Cherapunji sight seeing for Rs.500/-
  21. Next day full day was spent in cherapunji sightseeing, at night i checked in Zostel, it cost me Rs.800 for 1 bed in dorm.
  22. One traveler joined me from here. Next day we took ASPTC bus to Tezpur from Police bazar main circle at 7am, it cost Rs.500/- per person and dropped at Tezpur bus depot around 4pm.
  23. Got a decent hotel room bit away from bus stop for Rs.800/-
  24. At night, went to bus depot and booked a cab to Dirang for next day morning 6am, it cost me Rs.800/-
  25. Reached Dirang around 4pm (ILP was checked on the way). There got a room for Rs.1000/- for 1 night.
  26. Explored Dirang on foot in evening and tried to find sharing cab for local sight seeing but no luck.
  27. Next day also we tried to get sharing cab but no luck so took full taxi to show us Mandala Top, Dirang Monestry and Hot spring for Rs.2200/- . It was half a day trip.
  28. After returning, took a bus to Bomdila. It cost Rs.150/- pp.
  29. Got a decent stay at Bomdila for Rs.1000/-. Explored Bomdila market on foot.
  30. Next day, explored Bomdila lower and upper Gampa (Monestry) on foot and book the next day sumo for Tawang for Rs.700/- pp.
  31. The sumo started around 6am and dropped us at Tawang around 3pm. Got a hotel near by for Rs.1000/- but it was not good.
  32. Explored Tawang War memorial, lower Gompa. Luckily found a group of 5 who had booked a 7 seater for Bumla pass and clubbed with them. The whole car charge Rs.5500/- including ILP, irrespective of number of travelers (max as per car capacity)
  33. Started around 8am for Bumla pass (ILP was checked), then visited Madhuri Lake, Indo China border and a few other awesome points on the way. Very beautiful place, Must visit!
  34. We were back by 3pm. Rested the rest of the day and booked bus from Tawang to Guwahati for Rs.1240/ pp on Network traveler. Single seat was being charged at Rs.1400/- (1500 by Zainab travel).
  35. Got down at Kamakhya after 20hr journey. Checked in Kamakhya station waiting room and kept our luggage there for Rs.50 per luggage. Freshened up there and went to Kamakhya temple.
  36. Covered local museum and used roap way to cross Brahmaputra river. It cost Rs.100 one side. Took a boat to return, it cost Rs.5/-
  37. After returning to Guwahati, my partner ended his trip and I continued to Naharlagun to visit Itanagar by train.
  38. Took DonyiPolo train to Naharlagun, ticket was Rs.230/ for sleeper. Train started around 1130pm from Guwahati and reached last stop around 7am.
  39. I rushed towards the exit with ILP printout handy. The police checked ILP and I rushed to get bus to Itanagar. It cost Rs.60/- . One local told there is a bus available as per train timing, I check with the conductor about frequency of bus, he said there is only 1 bus from Station to Itanagar and one at 5pm from Itanagar to Naharlagun. Not sure which version is correct.
  40. The bus dropped me at Ganga market (last stop). From there I took a sharing auto that dropped me at junction from where Gompa and Museume were near by. I walked the two. ITA fort was 1.5hr hike but after reaching saw its under renovation! Auto would have taken around Rs.200/- for ITA fort.
  41. I returned back to Naharlagun station and took train to Kamakhya Junction. From there I had booked Kamakhya LTT (Mumbai). Its total journey time is 43hrs but it was 9 hr late!!
  42. My end of journey was pretty adventurus, I got down at Thane station and got last train till Dadar. From Dadar I ran and got last train to Virar. Reached home at 2am!! Phew!!

How to visit North East states of India?

To visit any north eastern state of India, Guwahati is the central point. All the paths lead via Guwahati.

Guwahati is the biggest city in Assam and is well connected by Air, road and railways.

Once you reach Guwahati, depending on which state you want to visit, you can opt for train, air or road as the mode of travel.

Keep reading to know the details and my personal experience of which mode of transportation I used to travel on a tight budget to the seven sisters.

Nagaland Budget Trip

Nagaland is well connected by Air, train and road with India via Guwahati. Depending on which city you plan to visit, you will find change in weather.

While Dimapur, the biggest city of Nagaland is warm Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is pretty cool.

Most of the people visiting Nagaland do it to attend Hornbill festival or Dzukou valley trek.

Daily two trains run between Guwahati and Dimapur and it takes 5hrs by train.

For detailed Nagaland trip, do read Nagaland Solo Trip Guide

Dimapur railway station

Tripura Solo Trip

Tripura is another state of NE that is conneced via train line. Though the number of trains are limited, you will get reservation easiely even if you are booking late.

The train journey is around 13hrs. Train starts in the noon from Guwahati and will drop you at Agartala (Capital city of Tripura) around 6am.

Agartala station is very beautiful but it does not have the basic facility of Cloak room!!

There were retiring rooms and Jan Aahar facilities but both were non operational… so much for railway station beautification!!!

The city is around 3km from the station. You can either take an auto from outside the station or walk out of stations premise and look for sharing auto.

Sharing auto will take Rs.30 and drop you to Bhartala market. From there you will get bus to various tourist locations.

Note: The day i arrived at Agartala, a sudden strike was called by a local political party and all long distance bus and trains were cancelled. I belive this is a normal thing in Agartala as people were not surprised or angry with it!!

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Meghalaya Budget Trip

To reach Shilong, the capital city of Meghalaya, you will have to be dependent on road transportation.

There is only one Government bus from Paltan bazaar bus stop at 8am. It will cost Rs.130/-

If you miss this bus, you can reach the highway and try to get a bus from other places till Shilong but timings may not be fixed.

The other option is to get a sharing cab, it will cost you Rs.500/- per seat and will drop you at Shillong Police bazar in 3hrs time.

Do keep in mind that the cab will not move till all its seats are full, hence be prepared to wait for 2-3hrs else gather 4 passengers for the cab yourself!

Shillong has many travelers hostels and Meghalaya tourism bus service is the cheapest that will take you to Cherapunji (Sohra), Dawki and local sightseeing,

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Arunachal Pradesh Solo Budget trip

You first need to decide which part of Arunachal you want to visit.

The popular spots among tourists is Tawang route that covers Bomdila, Dirang, Tawang (Bumla Pass).

You can either take a direct bus to Tawang that has a travel time of around 20 hrs from Guwahati and will cost you Rs.1400/- per seat or take a sharing cab from Tezpur till Bomdial or Dirang. It will cost your Rs.600/- per seat.

Once you reach destination, there is no public transport for sightseeing. You will be dependent on cabs only.

Either you arrange for your fellow travelers or pay for the full cab!!

The other route is via Naharlagoon (Itanagar) and cover Ziro valley, Teju etc.

You can reach Itanagar by taking DoniPaula train from Guwahati or take a bus.

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Assam Budget Trip

Assam is a big state, so decide which all places you want to visit. There are many attractionns near Guwahati like Kamakhya Temple, Umaanand temple, Brahamputar river boat ride, roap ride.

These places you can visit using bus or auto.

Note: Bus ticket is maximum Rs.15 for non ac bus, so if you are new and feel the distance covered is less hand over Rs.10/- only. If you ask the fare, the conductor will sense you are new and will overcharge you!!

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North East is very good region. You will find cold weather as well many famous tourist spots here. Plan well if you are a budget traveler else book a cab from Guwahati itself for you trip.

Himachal Pradesh Solo Trip

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